CBD for Chronic Pain: A Natural Alternative to Traditional Treatments

Chronic pain is one of the major causes of disability in the US. In fact, as many as 40% of the US adult population will have chronic pain in their lifetime [2].

While opioids are the main drug used to help cope with this condition, they have many side effects.

But several recent studies have shown that CBD could help improve chronic pain conditions.

Here’s what you should know about the latest research on CBD for chronic pain.

What is Considered Chronic Pain?

Pain is the way your body signals something is wrong, and it involves a series of complex processes in your nervous system. But when it becomes a daily occurrence, it can make your life harder and even change your physiology.

Scientists have been trying to understand the causes and consequences of chronic pain, but breakthroughs are few and far between. However, cannabinoids could offer a beacon of hope for chronic pain patients.

Researchers consider chronic pain as pain that lasts for 6 months of more, and appears on a consistent basis.

“Regular” pain stops sending neural signals once the source is solved. However, chronic pain is caused by neural signals that keep firing regardless of the original wound.

Chronic pain can be caused by very diverse issues: surgeries, past injuries, migraines, autoimmune disorders, infections and many others.

Certain conditions, like fibromyalgia and arthritis, cause chronic pain as the main symptom.

How Chronic Pain Affects You

On top of the discomfort, chronic pain has been linked to other issues like depression, unhealthy sleep patterns, emotional distress and heightened stress levels.

In turn, all these conditions can lower your pain threshold and make the pain feel stronger. This process is what researchers call the pain cycle.

Opioids are currently the main pain management drug, although it has many undesired side effects.

Known opioid complications and side effects include sedation, vomiting, physical dependence and addiction [1].

Studies on CBD for Chronic Pain

Since opioids have so many important complications, researchers are always on the lookout for efficient alternatives to manage chronic pain. In this light, cannabinoids have shown promising effects on neuropathic pathways and could help patients dealing with pain every day.

A recent clinical trial [3] tested 131 chronic pain patients for 8 weeks, in order to see if CBD improved their quality of life.

These patients were all between 30 and 65 years old, diagnosed with chronic pain conditions and had been on opioids for at least a year prior to the study.

Every patient chose their personal dose of oral CBD based on a soft gel containing 15.7 mg CBD.

The majority of patients chose to take 2 doses of CBD a day.

Based on that, 53% of chronic pain patients lowered or completely eliminated their opioid intake within 8 weeks of adding CBD.

Plus, 94% of patients stated their quality of life improved.

So, what does this mean?

For starters, this kind of study shows a direct link between CBD intake, quality of life and pain management in adult patients.

As such, cannabinoids are looking more and more as a possible opioid alternative to deal with chronic pain.

Of course, this study was relatively small and doesn’t contrast different ways of taking cannabidiol, like orally or topically.

However the studies look promising.

Note: We are not suggesting that CBD can cure or treat any disease, but that it can possibly help with symptoms.


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15 thoughts on “CBD for Chronic Pain: A Natural Alternative to Traditional Treatments”

  1. Kriss,
    I have been using CBD for about a year now, your product for the past month, and I can say it helps relieve my arthritis pain in both my hips. Usually when the weather gets colder, the pain seems to increase, but since I started using CBD, I don’t see the same effects. I take one capsule in the morning and one at dinner. I also sleep better and more soundly! Keep up the good work and I appreciate receiving articles like this one. Oh, and I’m 64 years young!!

  2. Hi Buddie , lve been trying to put in an order for CBD for a period of time , But unable to as l live in Australia and order forms donot aloud me to do so . Do you have a separate order form for over seas customers ? Looking forward to your reply .

  3. It is fantastic! I wish its effects could last a whole day, but it is wonderful that it helps a lot. Thank you!

  4. I take Gummybears and l find they are amazing for ulcerative colitis. They act like an anti inflammatory, l also have osteoarthritis and it seems to reduce some of the pain. I have been taking them for a year and would like to know does CBD have any adverse effects on the liver, than normal medications. Kind regards Patra

  5. I just recently stopped taking CBD due to a scheduling problem. I thought ok, let’s see if this changes anything. Well, It certainly did! Both my knees started aching and throbbing and would not allow me to even take a step without a cane.
    The pain was so surprising that I thought I would have to go and get cortisone shots in both knees. Then I remembered–I had not taken my CBD. I went straight away and took CBD Tincture. Now I feel just fine. CBC is my friend in life and helps me throughout the days and nights.

  6. Can it help with bone on bone in my knees the cartridge is total gone in one it’s working on other. I take golden revive at times I think it help some. Then again it seem like it don’t help. What should I do

  7. As both a treating professional (dental and oral surgeon,and dental anesthesiologist, board certified), and personally a sufferer of long-standing chronic pain, there are innumerable instances over the years when I wished I could have administered better pain relief to my patients (I.e.,bone pain, TMJ pain, etc.), and ,could have received better pain relief for myself (knee pain, low back and wrist/hand pain), without recourse to chronic prescribing of debilitating opioids. Who knew of CBD? Now I’m retired. I tried your CBD once, and it gave modest relief,IF one first took most of a bottle of your CBD as a loading dose, and then began taking it for diminishment of (chronic) pain. Have you made any changes to obviate the onerous loading dose, which depletes both time and money?

  8. I have chronic pain for years, sick of taking tablets daily for the pain. I tried CBD oil a year ago, I was amazed how everything improved. My life changed and was able to live life to the fullest. My contact I’m America dried up.

  9. If a person was on Percocet for over 5 years are you saying that people could get off of that drug by taking your product.


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