[Poll] Do you want your CBD to be THC-free?

THC is the compound in cannabis that gets people “high.” All Prosper Wellness CBD comes from hemp. So, it always has 0.3% THC or less. So you will never get “high.” Of course, many of our products have a guaranteed 0% THC. Some of our customers are ok with a trace (0.3% or less) in full-spectrum CBD (which comes along with other helpful cannabinoids like CBG). Some want to be sure there is zero. What is your preference?

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21 thoughts on “[Poll] Do you want your CBD to be THC-free?”

    • pain free sometimes is all that’s needed but a good relaxing sleep is good too
      probably nothing to take if driving.
      thanks for the information

    • As I understand it, the CBD and THC can work together to bring healing for many health conditions. Even more THC than .03% is helpful, especially for people who have seizures, PTSD, and even cancer.

    • I’m with you John Smith! I always get better results with brownies baked with thc than the ones without. Pain gone and I’m a happy camper!

  1. I feel you need to have both, however, start with a little THC 1mg – 5mg CBD & see how you feel.
    THC is important as well, but very small quantities.

  2. I always believe that staying as close to how God made the plant will always yield the most benefit because of the synergy created by all of the components. That tiny an amount won’t affect your thinking or behavior but can make a difference in effectiveness in some uses.

  3. Have done some research on how the combination of thc can be beneficial in low doses with a higher cbd. Also, thca(non-heated cannabis) can be healing without the psychoactive effects. That would be something I would like to try in a raw state.
    Is it possible to process and produce a thca raw oil that will not decarboxylate?

  4. I would like to get the pure CBD oil, not the kind with all sorts of other oils in it. The only place that is possible it seems, it at a dispensary. How much extra oils do you add to your CBD oil?

  5. I have no objection to a little. I have found it helps with my pain after surgery, so I didn’t have to stay on the bad pain pills they give you. It’s a better solution and safer.

  6. I have no objection . I do find CBD doesn’t help much with my pain. A friend told me because I am not taking enough. I take the pills, is it better to use the liquid?


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