[Poll] Where do you feel your pain the most?

Most of us, as the years go by, feel pain in one or more parts of our bodies.

Here are Prosper, we love to know where are customers and audience are hurting the most – so that we can help them.

Feel free to leave a comment after taking the poll to tell us more about it…

Poll: Where are you feeling pain the most?

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3 thoughts on “[Poll] Where do you feel your pain the most?”

  1. Joints. Mostly left ankle and right knee. They want to replace both of them and I don’t want evasive surgery. I very prone to staff infection which is the main reason I’m in the condition I’m in. Staff after major surgery required due to a car accident. I was 16. 53 years ago.

  2. Have neuropathy
    Severe arthritis in knee
    Foot has a lot of abnormalities in last few years
    Unable to walk recently
    Dislike wheel chair very much
    Takes your independence away


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