About Us

High Quality CBD Products To Help You Prosper

Prosper Wellness (Thrive Health LLC) was founded in Colorado, home base for the cannabis revolution.

Our founders, Kriss Bergethon & Chaz Shively, were suffering from many of the same issues our clients suffer from and we sought relief for years.  

Kriss had a lot of pain, and even turned to prescription drugs at one point.  He knew he was getting addicted, so he started looking for alternatives.  

Fortunately this was about the time marijuana was legalized in Colorado.  But neither Kriss nor Chaz enjoyed the high of marijuana, so they ignored the industry for a few years.  

Then they tried CBD based on a recommendation from a friend.  They tried A LOT of different CBD and hemp products.  Very few of them worked.  Until they discovered one incredible method for using CBD. 

They realized how you take CBD and hemp, the quality of those products, and the dosage was everything.  That’s how they came up with the exclusive load-dosage methodology that you’ll only find here.

I  explain that more in detail here:

Kriss & Chaz’ lives were transformed so completely by CBD that they decided to start a business together and spread the word.  Kriss is now a certified nutritionist and cannabist and is now dedicating his life to helping people get off opiates, renew their health, and prosper.

And now we’re working to spread the word.

Our lab facility is certified by the US Hemp Authority, which has the strictest standards in the industry. 

Kriss is also Certified in Medical Marijuana from Cannabis Training University.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help 1 million people get relief everyday and halt the opioid epidemic using the power of hemp and CBD. We believe that western medicine is failing millions of people, and we want to empower people to take control of their health without dangerous drugs or surgery.

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We are based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  

As you may know Colorado is ground zero for the Cannabis Revolution.  We have all been involved in various aspects of the cannabis business for the last 10 years.  
We are witnessing cannabis legalization literally change the lives of thousands of people every day.
It has truly been a blessing for Coloradans, and our mission to spread this incredible blessing around the country, and eventually the world.
Kriss & Chaz, Founders of Prosper CBD

Our Advisor: Dr. Ralph La Guardia
Dr. Ralph LaGuardia has been in private practice in Connecticut for over 25 years. He is triple specialized in Internal Medicine, Bariatrics and Geriatrics. In addition to which he practices Integrative Medicine, which is the combination of the best of traditional western medicine with alternative and complementary medical techniques. He has a special interest in nutrition and sustainable gardening and permaculture, which he practices on his Connecticut farm. Dr. LaGuardia also has a strong interest in minerals, trace elements, amino acids and their application in medical practice. He has developed a unique method of treating his patients combining all those elements that have proven to be quite effective.