Lab Results

We maintain the highest quality products. Our manufacturing facility tests every batch. We first test the raw material as it comes in. Then we test the blended ingredients. Finally, we test the final product. Below you will find our 3rd party lab results for batches of final product:


CBD 10mg Capsules Lab Results (includes “Load Dose” version): 20J33L 4207B A141

CBD 25mg Capsules Lab Results: 51011

CBD Oil 300mg Tincture Lab Results (includes “Load Dose” version): 42080  20H24L  21A10L

CBD Oil 750mg Tincture Lab Results: 50973

CBD Oil 1000mg Tincture Lab Results: 46786*  49331  51261 52365

CBD Pain Freeze Cream Lab Results:  19K35C   1916ENFI   1903FNFI 20M17C 51250

TumeriCBD Lab Results: 44049   44600   45475   47485* 47784  48670* 49329 50211  51366 52297 52298

Joint Restore Gummies: 117346 PW20B01 PW20B02 PW20B03  PW20B04 PW20B07 PW20B08

Blossom Nighttime Ageless Serum with CBD: 19-1260  BNC1  BNC2* BNC3*

Blossom Daytime Moisturizer with CBD: 19-1259  BDM1 BDM3

Pet Treats: 190410