CBD for Eczema: Novel Treatment to Soothe Skin

Did you know 1 in every 10 people will get eczema during their lifetime? This common condition affects 10% of people in the US, or more than 30 million individuals in the country [1]. While there are several different types of eczema, all of them involve an autoimmune reaction in the skin, which causes inflammation … Read more

POLL: Should psychedelic drugs be studied for mental health therapy?

The need for an alternative for prescription pills has never been greater, and a range of new therapies are causing many to rethink mental health and how we treat it. Psychedelics like Psilocybin – the active ingredient in magic mushrooms – are attracting growing attention for their potential benefits for mental health problems in recent years. … Read more

Poll: Should cannabis be federally legalized?

While adult use of cannabis is legal in 18 states, and allowed medically in 37 states, it remains illegal under U.S. federal law. Last month, 3 top senators proposed The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, which would expunge federal non-violent marijuana crimes, further medical research and allow cannabis companies access to essential financial services. What … Read more